• Mini Ceramic Dish

Mini Ceramic Dish

by HolyLand Handicraft Cooperative Society

This vibrant square bowl is the perfect vessel to hold dips and sauces at your next event. This exquisite round floral serving dish is destined to be the focal point of many occasions. After being molded and kiln-fired, each piece is hand-painted by small groups of women in the Hebron area of the West Bank who paint together out of their homes while their children play together.

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11 cm / 4.5 in




Hand wash only, air dry


Can modify color, size, or design. Logo can be added as an imprinted or painted stamp.

Cause Supported

Cultural Preservation Cultural Preservation

Handmade Handmade

About Holy Land Handicraft

The Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society works with dozens of small, family-owned workshops throughout the West Bank.

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