• A group of Navajo woman stand and smile in the woods.

    Meet the Makers: Women of Strength & The Power ...

    Despite a rich history of a thriving society based on living in harmony with the land, the Navajo Nation is no stranger to poverty. In 2020, the artisan group Sáanii...

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  • artisan man leaning over and creating craft with his hands

    The Power of Dignified Storytelling

    Across sectors, storytelling is a powerful tool that is used to call people to action, connect with others, and market an organization’s services. This past year, we have sat virtually...

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  • Cashmere scarf with black logo in lower corner

    How Companies Can Embed Impact into their Business

    What if we told you that the ethical decision is actually better for your business?It's true. Ethical companies are more profitable, and we’ve found a way to effortlessly weave impact into your...

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  • Sandra sitting in front of a colored wall smiling at the camera.

    MEET THE MAKERS: Sandra and the Innovation of h...

    In Guatemala, the leather industry is largely dominated by men, who carry out the majority of the design work. Sandra, however, is a leader in the Simple Leather workshop and...

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  • Beautifully made wood games from India. The ideal option for client gifts and corporate gifts.

    PRODUCT LAUNCH: Ethically Sourced Games from India

    Holiday gifting in September? If you want to give something meaningful to your employees and clients, yes. Allow us to introduce our new collection of ethically sourced games from India.

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  • How Lucky Seeds are Transforming Lives in Uganda

    How Lucky Seeds are Transforming Lives in Uganda

    Strung by hand in a small community workshop in Lugazi, Uganda, lucky seed bracelets are believed to bring good luck to those who wear them.

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