Can items be branded?

Definitely. Most items can include a logo of your choosing (see branding options on our Customizations page). You will upload this logo during the checkout process.

Can items be customized?

They certainly can! One of the best parts about working with our talented artisan partners is that they can modify nearly every product featured on our site in a variety of ways including shape, size, color, and patterns. Customization options are listed with each product, but if you’re still unsure send us an email at

What is your maximum quantity for producing a handmade item?

We have produced quantities of over 100,000 items. This level of production usually takes coordinating across a whole network of villages or artisan cooperatives to produce, but is a challenge we love taking on!

Can I ship boxes to multiple addresses?

Absolutely. Shoot us an email at and we'll be able to help you out!

How do you find artisan groups?

We have been working in the artisan space for nearly a decade. During this time, we have formed connections with communities around the world where we have been introduced to brilliant creators. As we have grown, many artisan groups have started to reach out to work with us.

How much money from each item sold goes to the makers?

Because we have tiered pricing depending on quantities ordered, this varies per order. However, the way that prices are set is by first getting a fair price on the item from the artisans who make it, and then we add in the costs for our US team from there.

How do you know that artisans are being paid a fair wage?

We work alongside artisan groups to ensure ethical standards, including just and fair wages. As defined by Ethik, “a fair and living wage” means that artisans are paid enough to cover their basic necessities for themselves and their families and live a dignified life.

How can I find out the impact of my order?

We take care of every detail of your order from start to finish, including impact. Once your order is complete, we will gather impact data, including the number of artisans who worked on the order and how many fair pay work hours your company contributed to, and will send those your way.

Can I submit an artisan group for Ethik to work with?

Yes! If you know an artisan group that aligns with our mission, you may fill out this form.

What if I want a handmade item or sourcing location that I don’t see on your website?

Not a problem. Because we are constantly onboarding new artisan groups from the large network of makers we are connected to, we are able to reach out to new groups who may make the item you want or live in the location you desire to source from.

Will I ever be able to buy a single product for myself?

Stay tuned, but for now we are solely focused on selling higher quantities of items to companies. There are several beautiful direct-to-consumer handmade marketplaces out there that we admire, so connect with those for an individual handmade item!

How long does it take to order products?

Our goal is to have all details for standard orders (including branding and printed card information) confirmed within 48 hours. For custom orders, we can send a digital mock-up within one week, and, depending on the customization level and country of origin, will have a physical sample in your hands within 3-4 weeks.

Is shipping included in the cost of products?

For standard orders, shipping will be calculated at check-out. For customized orders, we will provide a shipping will be invoiced separately at the time your order is shipped to ensure the most favorable rates for you.