How Companies Can Embed Impact into their Business

Cashmere scarf with black logo in lower corner

What if we told you that the ethical decision is actually better for your business? 

It's true. Ethical companies are more profitable, and we’ve found a way to effortlessly weave impact into your everyday business practices. 

Allow us to introduce the artisan sector: the second largest industry within the developing world, composed of millions of people handcrafting in homes and small workshops. This sector has the potential to be a massive driver of sustainable development “that is grounded in the uniqueness of people and place” by creating jobs, generating income, and preserving culture. 

Artisan in Nepal.

Despite its untapped potential, makers are often exploited for their work through unfair compensation, keeping many artisans trapped in poverty. 

We exist to change that. 

By sourcing handmade, ethical goods, companies can create a global impact using a budget they already have. By crafting unique, corporate gifts your employees and clients will actually use, handcrafters receive dignified wages and consistent work. 

Cashmere blanket handcrafted in Nepal. 

During their latest event, the Wasatch Innovation Network (WIN) was able to leave an impression on their guests while also contributing to the livelihoods of Afghan refugees within their community. Sitting on each table was a small gift box with a handcrafted cork key chain.  These uniquely branded gifts included a personalized thank you note, allowing WIN to show their appreciation to each attendee. 

WIN’s Inaugural Venture Summit

Mathew Gale, one of the guests said, “Before opening the box, I expected to get a pen or a chocolate. I was delightfully surprised to get a handmade keychain made by a refugee from Afghanistan. The gift included their story and some info about their background. It was a special and unique gift and made me want to be more thoughtful in any corporate gifting that I do.”

Picture of WIN’s gift box taken at the event

Through Ethik, impact doesn’t have to be a grueling afterthought. Rather, it can be effortlessly embedded into your company’s daily practices, while simultaneously transforming your brand’s image and reach. 

Picture of Hanifa handcrafting cork products.

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