Ethik's Creative Director Recognized as one of "Utah Business 30 Women to Watch"

Ethik's Creative Director Recognized as one of "Utah Business 30 Women to Watch"

Ethik's Creative Director Recognized as one of "Utah Business 30 Women to Watch"

Ethik is proud to announce that its Creative Director, Annie Johnson, has been honored as one of the "Utah Business 30 Women to Watch". This prestigious award recognizes exceptional women in Utah's business landscape who have demonstrated exemplary leadership, empowerment, and determination in their respective fields.

The "30 Women to Watch" awards celebrate women who have excelled in their roles and inspired and uplifted others while navigating the unique challenges that come with being a woman in the business world. These women's contributions are vital, and their dedication to advancing their companies and shaping a brighter future for Utah is commendable.

Annie Johnson's selection as one of the honorees is a testament to her outstanding contributions to Ethik and her significant impact on the industry. Annie has a deep insight into the challenges faced in online merchandising; she took the lead at Ethik by driving the development of an innovative online platform. This platform serves as a vital bridge, connecting Indigenous handcrafters from communities and villages across the developing world to the global market. Notably, it stands as the pioneer of a two-sided wholesale marketplace exclusively dedicated to handmade products.

Through her efforts, this groundbreaking initiative has led to more than 2,500 global artisans finding meaningful employment, a group that includes women who have escaped human trafficking, single mothers, and refugee communities. Beyond its social impact, this platform has generated substantial revenue, exceeding $4 million. In doing so, it has not only uplifted these artisans but also contributed to breaking the cycle of poverty that has persisted across generations.

Melissa Sevy, CEO of Ethik, expressed her immense pride in Annie's achievement. "Annie has this rare combination of creative vision, technical execution, and an extraordinary work ethic that has made her a leader on our team and in the industry. Her passion for the people and the purpose behind our products is the true driver behind her standout work.”

Ethik extends heartfelt congratulations to all the accomplished women honored as part of the "30 Women to Watch" awards. Their achievements serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring leaders and professionals across Utah.

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