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The Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society works with dozens of small, familyowned workshops throughout the West Bank. In a land that is divided by political and religious turmoil that fuels economic instability and violence, the cooperative is an important moderate group that is working to heal the extreme divisions in the region.

As many Palestinian families are being forced to leave the country due to the lack of job opportunities and growing restrictions on their freedoms, the purchase of olive wood and ceramic products enables families to stay in their homeland, provide opportunities for their children, and continue to be an important presence to ultimately bring peace and healing to the Holy Land.

Ethically sourced Olive wood cheese board and coasters.

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Kitchen, Home

Causes Supported

  • Sustainable
  • Handmade
  • Cultural Preservation
Palestinian woman laughing while carving wooden massage tool for wholesale use.

Heeba, HLHCS

“I do this work for my children. I now can pay their school fees and feel happy to provide the things that they need. My daughter Nawal wants to study theology and my son Moremon wants to be an engineer. Now I can help my children reach their dreams.”

Mans hands holding beads form a large tin box.

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