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La Terza sources their coffee beans ethically and sustainably, partnering with small, authentic farms and estates. They know where every bean comes from, and ensures that they are sourced just as ethically as they are tasty.

At the plantation, people work and care for the soil, pick coffee cherries at just the right time, and put intentionality towards sorting out each and every bean for the different grades of coffee. Producing coffee is hard work, and that is why they spend so much time honing the craft - from finding the perfect roast profiles for each of the blends and single origins, to making sure coffee is delivered fresh… This attention to detail is driven by wanting to honor the work of all of the hands that came before.

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Causes Supported

  • Handmade
  • Women-made
  • Cultural Preservation


“My coffee carries with it the story of many hands that participated from beginning to end. The passion and commitment of our women allows us to offer world-class coffee. We believe that through the women of Farm San Isidro, we will inspire future generations to cultivate a love for the land and a passion for the production of specialty coffee.”

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