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Simple Leather is a small group of artisans in Guatemala who use traditional methods to craft modern leather goods. The leather used to create their beautiful and functional pieces are byproducts of the livestock industry, which would otherwise go to waste, ending up in landfills or being burned.

An important value of Simple Leather is the sustainability of their products, which are handcrafted to endure years of wear and tear. Simple Leather strives to provide dignified employment opportunities by offering fair compensation, which provides supplemental income to artisans in Guatemala, creating a financial buffer for their families. As Simple Leather builds a greater market connection, they have hopes to increase their capacity and provide a more stable source of income for artisans within their community.

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Bags, Accessories

Causes Supported

  • Handmade
  • Sustainable
  • Cultural Preservation


“I’ve been working with leather for about 40 years. Working at Simple Leather brings me a lot of satisfaction and hard work. A lot of design and manual work goes into each piece. The money I get from Simple Leather orders is often reinvested back into my own business. I was recently able to buy a heat press and other smaller machinery and work tools to continue my work. Having more consistent orders would be great. I would feel safe and secure about paying bills and putting food on our table.”