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Beeutiful Creations is committed to supporting Rwandan beekeepers and their bees by purchasing bee products and working with artisans to create high-quality, handmade goods.

This organization believes in the power of ethical sourcing, and ensures that their suppliers and artisans are paid fair prices for both their products and labor. By partnering closely with the entire supply chain to provide just and fair employment, families are supported and communities are transformed through the financial and social empowerment of their partners and employees.

Fresh honeycomb in a wooden bowl on a table.

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Home, Kitchen

Causes Supported

  • Sustainable
  • Women-made
  • Cultural Preservation
Hand-dipped beeswax candles drying over a board.

Nathalie, Beeutiful Creations

“Seeing young women begin working at Beeautiful Creations who had to stop their schooling, and who were essentially told ‘your life is over’ is one of the most important parts of my job. The women were in really difficult situations, and now they can support themselves using their skills and knowledge. It’s amazing what these women can do with their hands. When I see them get paid, and there’s a big smile on their face, it makes me happy and joyful to know that they are happy; that they can work and support themselves even though they did not have the chance to finish school and even though they do not have a family that can support them. They can say ‘I can support myself through my job, through my hands, and through what I do.’ It feels really good.”

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