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Teo Cacao Blends is committed to providing fair compensation for their farming partner in Mexico. Around the globe, the cultivation of cacao has remained largely the same for nearly 100 years, meaning that this sector relies heavily on manual labor. As global demand increases for cacao, so has farmer exploitation.

Many cacao farms experience exploitation within the supply chain, leading to unethical practices and working conditions, including child labor, human trafficking, and unfair pay. By engaging in direct trade, Teo Cacao works closely with the farmers who cultivate and harvest the cacao used in their products. For Teo Cacao, ethical business is truly about people: both the people who make the product and the people who receive the product.

Large cocoa bean hanging from a tree.

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Cocoa harvester holds the beans in his hand before they are brought to processing.

Diego, Teo Cacao Blends

“Fair and direct trade is the best way to let farmers have a say in their prices. This gives more security to us and our employees, rather than taking a hit and all the risk when the market is not doing well. It allows us to provide benefits such as insurance for health care.”

A stack of cocoa beans on the floor.
Artisans hand scraping the inside of the cocoa plant to get the beans inside. Man sifting through the beans with two hands.

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