Native Hands

Mezquital Valley, Mexico

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“Manos Nativas,” meaning “Native Hands,” is a group of 22 artisans sprawled across Mezquital Valley, located in Central Mexico, that have banded together in hopes of providing a better future for themselves and their families.

On 700 acres of desert land, these artisans harvest maguey, a plant their ancestors also used for its resilient fiber, and one that plays an important role in Mexican heritage. As a group that once only processed maguey fiber to sell, they have taken on the challenge of creating prototypes and samples in attempts to build their business, market their products to larger companies, and better provide for their individual households. In their workshop, they now create sustainable dry brushes. Their work symbolizes the creation of resilience from native hands, an attribute shared with the strong fibers of the maguey plant.

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Causes Supported

  • Sustainable
  • Cultural Preservation
  • Handmade

Leonardo, Native Hands

“Our products speak of our origin; our culture, and the way we survive on our Earth and everything we can create with her. There are many plants that can be used on our lands and we always try to repopulate and not consume all our natural resources. Native Hands is always concerned with repopulating the source of our materials, which comes from nature.”