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Nunayù, meaning “Freedom” in the Mexican language, Mixteco, provides human trafficking survivors in Mexico City the support needed in order to gain liberation and build a future through vocational training and employment.

By learning the art of handcrafted jewelry, these women are able to start a new life and discover new passions, dreams, and careers. Each piece of jewelry is an expression of victory and a labor of love. As the survivors at Nunayù build financial stability through their work, they also receive treatment to heal the emotional scars of their past life, enabling them to continue building a future for themselves and their families.

Brand Specifications


Jewelry, Accessories

Causes Supported

  • Made by Women
  • Survivors of Human Trafficking
  • Handmade

Delia, Nunayú

“I don't have to be afraid when going to work anymore, there is no more harassment, I am calm and whenever I have a problem, there is always support and companionship from others. Receiving therapy has been very helpful for me. Nunayù isn't just a job, it's a family.”