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Ele Agbe, meaning “God is Alive,” in the Ewe language, was founded with the social mission of enabling women and youth in Ghana’s rural communities. By providing training and fair wages, artisans are able to earn sustainable livelihoods through the production of quality products.

Since 1996, this organization has created greater economic stability in 72 households. Many of the people who have previously worked with Ele Agbe have moved on to start businesses of their own, motivated by the encouragement of Comfort Adjahoe-Jennings, the founder and CEO who believes that as individuals share knowledge and skills with one another, communities and households are strengthened.

Two chapsticks made form ethically sourced shea butter. One with a lid and one without.

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Consumables, Bags, Home

Causes Supported

  • Handmade
  • Sustainable
  • Women-made
Woman artisan standing with her arms crossed sharing her experience working and giving back.

Comfort, Ele Agbe

“For me, Ele Agbe is all about giving back. When I see where I came from, and what someone else has imparted in my life, it is a challenge to give back. There have been people who have helped me, and if I do not do the same to the people who come my way, I am not showing gratitude. Whatever is purchased from us goes to support women and families. You’re not just buying products, you’re creating jobs and putting food on the table.”

Woman's hands making baskets from agave leaves and.
Shea butter chapstick in a woven basket.

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